VS Factory Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1232 Blue Carbon Watch

Now it is December, the final month of 2022, and we are approaching our traditional Spring Festival. Many watch factories will close their stores to return home for the holiday. If you want to purchase a super clone before our break, please make your decision quickly. There are numerous super clones available in our market, and many websites also sell them online. Finding a trustworthy dealer can be challenging because some of them are scammers. If you feel uncertain, please email me. Many people still inquire about the websites and contact information of these watch factories. This is a risky industry, and I believe none of them are willing to share their contact details publicly. Additionally, they do not have business websites. For the Chinese New Year holiday, I expect some watch factories to close their stores and go on holiday from mid-December.

In the past two weeks, VS factory has been the dominant player in the market, releasing a lot of new Panerai replica watches. We haven’t seen new Panerai replicas for a long time, so it’s thrilling to see VS producing them again. The raid caused significant losses, but VS is back. The same thing happened to Noob and JF, but they chose to shut down permanently, possibly because they made substantial profits and wanted to avoid further risk. VS is a large, long-established factory that continues to serve us, and we are grateful.

The PAM 1232 I’m showing you is one of the new Panerai replicas that VS has released recently. It’s unclear why VS released so many Panerai replicas at the end of 2022. Will Panerai become one of the best sellers in 2023? The new PAM 1232 is part of Panerai’s Submersible series and uses CARBOTECH material. This replica is made by VS, though some websites list it as SB. In fact, it’s the same factory. Future Panerai replicas from VS might be branded as SB. The replica PAM 1232 has a large case, measuring 44mm in diameter and 15mm in thickness. For a diving-style watch, this thickness is acceptable to most people. The case is very light because it is made of forged carbon material. The unique carbon texture on the case, bezel, crown bridge, and lugs is beautiful and closely resembles the CARBOTECH on the genuine PAM 1232.

On the case back, I appreciate the torpedo engraving, also known as Siluro a Lenta Corsa in Italian. This element is rare in modern Panerai watches since most now have a display case back. On this replica’s case back, the torpedo engraving is not as delicate as the genuine one. You will notice the difference when comparing them. Additionally, there is an error on the case back; the word “CARBOTEOH” is misspelled and should be “CARBOTECH.” People will likely avoid buying it if they notice this significant mistake, although many factories have made such “letter” mistakes when releasing a new replica watch.

The replica features VS factory’s renowned super clone P.900 automatic movement, which is another major selling point. This movement has been thoroughly tested in many Fake Panerai watches and is highly reliable. It is also the best clone P.900 movement in our watch market. Very few watches have been returned for repairs due to movement issues.

For this Panerai Submersible replica watch, if you want to buy it, I recommend waiting until VS factory corrects the mistake in the word “CARBOTEOH.”

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