Replica Hublot Unico Rose Gold Watch Review

ZF, also known as Z factory, is a prominent player in the watch market and boasts one of the longest histories of watch-making among manufacturers in the industry. With the closure of several old factories such as Noob, V6, VS, and JF, ZF has become the largest watch manufacturer in the market. Interestingly, during the 2021 raid, this factory did not seem to be significantly impacted, which is great news for those who still seek the best replica IWC and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 and 15500 from ZF.

However, following the raid, some watches made by ZF are not always readily available in stock. For instance, the Royal Oak Extra-thin 15202 and Patek Philippe Nautilus Moon Phase 5712 are two models that are perpetually out of stock. Even when ordering directly from ZF, buyers may have to endure a considerable wait time.

Regarding the Patek Philippe Moon Phase 5712, ZF decided to bundle it with their Submariner, essentially requiring customers to purchase one of their Submariners in order to acquire a Patek 5712. This marketing strategy appears to be somewhat perplexing. It’s possible that ZF has an excess inventory of Submariner watches in their warehouse that are not selling well individually, prompting them to package them with the Patek Philippe 5712 for sale. Surprisingly, despite this bundling, the price was not reduced, indicating that the sales of their Submariner models are still sluggish.

It is nearly the end of 2023, new year is coming, during this period in previous years, there were frequent raids, so many factories chose to close their store to avoide being raided, I think this situation will happen soon.

The replica watch I am featuring today is a Hublot timepiece, which may be the first of its kind from ZF. Previously, V6 factory was known for producing top-quality Hublot replicas. The featured Hublot watch belongs to the Big Bang Unico product line, although it’s not among the most popular watches among enthusiasts. It’s unclear why ZF invested a significant amount of money and effort into making this particular Hublot watch. In my opinion, perhaps they should focus on creating the best replicas of some basic Big Bang models that are in higher demand.

Additionally, the Hublot Unico features a skeletonized dial that may pose a challenge for ZF to replicate accurately. It’s unlikely that they will be able to replicate the dial of the genuine Hublot Unico with complete accuracy.

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