The Release of Replica Air King 126900 from Clean Factory

The Air King 126900, a new model unveiled by Rolex in 2022, builds upon its predecessor with notable alterations. While these variances are evident to enthusiasts, I won’t delve into them here. Instead, I’d like to focus on the latest replica of the Air King 126900 produced by Clean factory. This replica timepiece might already be familiar to you, as both GM and JVS, two prominent factories, have previously manufactured it. GM, known for its understated presence in the watch market, consistently delivers reliable quality without much fanfare in their product releases. On the other hand, JVS emerged during VS’s closure, offering competitive pricing compared to authentic VS models, making it a compelling choice for discerning buyers.

When it comes to the replica Air King 126900, in the past, numerous enthusiasts opted for the replica from JVS factory, acknowledging its quality. However, there remained a collective anticipation for Clean and VS to produce their versions. Recently, Clean factory fulfilled this expectation by unveiling their 126900 replica just a week ago, while VS factory is yet to release theirs. Consequently, I believe that Clean’s rendition currently stands as the pinnacle of replica Air King 126900 models in the market.

When comparing Clean’s replica to that of JVS, Clean undoubtedly showcases several advantages, particularly in the solidity of the hands’ axis setting and the overall finish on both the case and bracelet. Even when juxtaposed with Rolex replicas from the esteemed VS factory, Clean still manages to maintain its edge. While many dealers and enthusiasts laud VS for their superior movements, such as the Dandong 3235 found in Datejust, Submariner, and certain Oyster Perpetual models, it’s crucial to recognize that movement quality isn’t the sole determinant of a replica’s superiority.

In my blog, I consistently emphasize that each watch factory has its unique strengths. Take, for instance, the Rolex Datejust: despite VS’s utilization of the superior Dandong 3235 movement, Clean’s Datejust boasts superior dial finishing, particularly evident in the subtle sunburst lines, which outshine those on VS Datejust models. Additionally, clients have reported a more satisfying clasp experience with Clean’s Datejust.

While VS Datejust may offer a longer power reserve, thanks to the Dandong 3235 movement’s impressive 72-hour reserve, it’s worth noting that Clean’s replica Air King features the reliable Shanghai 3230 movement, boasting a respectable 48-hour power reserve. Many dealers attest to the Shanghai 3230 movement’s reliability, predicting minimal to no issues in future usage. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that VS factory currently lacks a clone 3230 movement, further highlighting Clean’s advantage in this aspect.

Clean consistently updates the packaging and stickers of their timepieces, exemplified by their latest Air King iteration. Adorned with a charming cat motif on the plastic cover and featuring distinct “CLEAN” and “3230 super” factory name stickers, it diverges from previous designs. Additionally, I’m excited to share images of Clean’s two new Daytona models recently unveiled. One showcases an enchanting ice blue dial, while the other boasts a luxurious rose gold case paired with a champagne dial, both adorned with exquisite diamond hour markers.

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