How about the replica Nautilus 5811G from 3K?

You may be aware of the immense popularity of the Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus 5711 within the watch industry. It stands out as one of the top-selling stainless steel replica watches, often chosen by many as their first replica due to its outstanding quality. Several watch manufacturers are constantly enhancing their versions of the Nautilus 5711, with intense competition driving continuous improvements. If there were a list of the top ten best-selling replica watches, the Nautilus 5711 would undoubtedly secure a spot.

Recently, the 3K factory introduced a new Nautilus replica watch, the 5811G, just resembling the appearance of the 5711 closely. 3K, known for being the first to achieve the correct case thickness on the Nautilus 5711 replicas, has gained popularity comparable to other prominent manufacturers. However, when considering the 5811G, it might not be the ideal time to make a purchase. While it is a commendable replica, a significant flaw lies in its dial color. It appears that 3K factory adopted the dial from their 5711, which is blue-gray, whereas the genuine 5811G has a purely blue dial. The dial color discrepancy is a notable issue, and it is anticipated that 3K will address this in the future.

Aside from the dial color, other differences include the weight of the watch, with the genuine being made of white gold and the replica using stainless steel, resulting in a noticeable difference in weight. Additionally, the movement labeled as a “super clone PP330” on the replica is likely a PP324, with the movement not changed from the one used in the Nautilus 5711. The genuine PP330 movement features a hack mechanism, causing the second hand to stop when adjusting the time, which is absent in the replica 5811.

Despite these differences, the 3K replica 5811G has two notable strengths – superior finishing on the case and bracelet and a clasp with the same structure as the genuine version. However, it is advisable to exercise patience and wait for a better version, as the movement issues may not be resolved in the short term.

The mentioned watch at the end of the article is a Franken 5811.

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