Noob Factory V11 Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 Blue/Red Ceramic Bezel with Blue Dial

This is a recently released Rolex GMT-Master watch, and I provided its specifications in my previous post. It’s an excellent replica watch crafted by the Noob factory. The new GMT-Master II 126719 also showcases a blue/red ceramic bezel but comes with an Oyster bracelet, unlike the previous version from Noob, which featured a Jubilee bracelet. Both timepieces are of superior quality, constructed with 904L stainless steel and equipped with Noob’s latest clone movement, specifically the advanced clone 3285 movement. Interestingly, the Noob factory has unveiled two new GMT-Master II models this time: one with a black dial and clone 3186 movement, and the other, the focus of today’s introduction.

Initially, it’s undeniably a timepiece dominated by a blue hue, although my personal preference leans towards the black variant. The synchronization of the blue and red ceramic bezel with the blue dial is impeccable, but this particular color combination doesn’t align with my taste. Personally, I prefer the 116719 with a black dial. However, what truly stands out in the GMT-Master II 126719 is the incorporation of the latest Noob masterpiece, the 3285 movement. The question of its reliability becomes essential and warrants further explanation.

Confronted by stiff competition from various factories, particularly ZZF in the past, and now facing challenges from VSF and ZF, Noob has recognized the necessity to enhance the quality of their Submariner. As a response, they have recently unveiled the V11 edition. In the realm of GMT-Master II, where competitors like V9 and GM are prevalent, Noob distinguishes itself with certain advantages. For instance, in the case of the GMT-Master 126719, the blue and red hues on the ceramic bezel closely emulate the authentic colors on the Noob version. Additionally, the clone 3285 movement, a pioneering development by Noob, boasts a level of movement decoration that closely mirrors the genuine Rolex 3285 Calibre.

I did not say the GMT-Master II replicas from GM and V9 factory are not good, they also produce very good quality replicas of Rolex GMT-Master II, especially V9 factory, they have a large amount of buyers because much lower prices than Noob, and sometimes, I even think that the clone movement made by V9 factory is more stable than Noob, whatever it is a clone 3186 or 3285. In my opinion, Noob has a good reputation in watch industry, sometimes I think they are too confident to sell their products at high prices, once there is a promotion sales, they usually decreased the prices with a high percent.

Finally, regarding the clone 3285 movement, it performs adequately. It’s worth noting that GM factory also incorporates their clone 3285 movement in the latest V3 GMT-Master II, and there are opinions suggesting that GM’s version may be superior. However, this assertion requires thorough testing for validation. While Noob excels in movement decoration, the stability of their clone movements, including A3186 and A3285, is yet to be fully determined. Customer feedback will be instrumental in assessing the reliability of these movements. It is hoped that Noob will work towards enhancing the stability of their clone movements in GMT-Master replicas, potentially surpassing other factories in this aspect.


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