New Daytona from Clean Factory

Lately, Clean factory has been unveiling a series of new watches and concurrently enhancing the quality of their existing models like the Daytona and Submariner. The public’s appreciation for their timepieces is notably high, particularly for the sought-after Daytona model featuring a gray dial and rubber band. Despite paying in advance, acquiring one remains a challenge due to its persistent popularity. Although BT factory also offers all the Daytona models sold by Clean, there seems to be a prevailing preference for Clean’s versions, even if it means enduring a waiting period.

Today, I’m excited to introduce Clean’s latest Daytona release, a timepiece that has just been officially announced but is not yet visible on dealer websites. However, the news has already circulated within enthusiast forums.

This new Daytona replica shares the 904L stainless steel construction characteristic of other Rolex watches from Clean. Its distinctive features include a gray dial adorned with red accents on the sub-dials, enhancing overall readability. The Arabic numeral hour markers, along with the hour and minute hands, are filled with lume material emitting a strong blue glow. The radial finish on the dial, also referred to as sunray finish, is meticulously executed, surpassing the subtlety found in Daytona replicas from other factories of moderate quality. Notably, Clean has addressed a previous flaw, ensuring that the three small hands now mirror the length and shape of those on the authentic watch.

An intriguing aspect is Clean’s tendency to alter the cartoon image on the case back of their watches. Examining the case back reveals tiny symbol engravings on each lug, showcasing attention to detail. Even the tooth design on the case back’s edge has undergone meticulous research by Clean. In summary, Clean’s Daytona stands out as the premier replica in the market. However, a minor drawback is that Clean does not customize the rubber band according to individual wrist sizes. While they do offer various length combinations, clients cannot select their preferred size. Nevertheless, an extra band can be ordered at an additional cost, albeit a relatively expensive one.

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