APS Factory Fake Audemars Piguet Diver 15707 Ceramic Black and White

In addition to the popular models 15400 and 15500, the ROO Diver 15707 has emerged as one of the top-selling replica Audemars Piguet watches in recent years. J12, renowned for producing exceptional replicas, was the leading manufacturer for the AP 15707 in the past. If you are fortunate enough to own an AP replica crafted by J12, consider yourself lucky, as the factory has been closed for several years, making it nearly impossible to find replicas with the same high-quality case and bracelet.

Recently, a new player in the market, IP factory, introduced replicas o f the AP Diver 15707. While the finish is acceptable, it does not quite match the superior quality of those manufactured by J12. Hence, I do not recommend the IP replicas. However, there is positive news for enthusiasts – the APS factory has unveiled a new AP 15707 that stands out for its quality. I highly recommend this model, as it currently holds the title of the best option available in our market.

APS factory has been engaged in the production of Audemars Piguet replicas for an extended period. While their models like the 15400 and 15500 are well-known, not many are aware that the clone 3120 movement utilized by Z Factory is also a creation of APS. Furthermore, the movement 52010 found in ZF’s Portuguese 7 Days is sourced from APS as well, a fact that often goes unnoticed. It is important to acknowledge that APS has played a significant role in advancing the capabilities of the 1:1 replica watch industry, making notable contributions to its development.

The latest 15707 models from APS are currently available in two variants: one in black and the other in white. Both versions are meticulously crafted using authentic ceramic material and are equipped with the advanced super clone 3120 movement. In the black 15707, noticeable brushing is applied to the ceramic case and bezel, complemented by highly polished screws that create a striking contrast. While the case finish is of high quality, it falls just short of the standards set by J12’s AP replicas. The case is precisely 1:1 cloned, although slightly thicker than that of the genuine watch due to its solid ceramic composition, resulting in a notably weighty feel. Positioned at 10 o’clock is a crown that, when rotated, adjusts the inner diving bezel. Additionally, the crown at 3 o’clock serves for time and date adjustments.

The dial of the APS 15707 is satisfactory, with the primary distinction found in the lattice pattern, where both the size and spacing differ from the authentic model. As of today, among the various factories producing AP replicas, ZF comes closest to replicating the genuine lattice pattern. However, upon meticulous inspection, subtle differences can still be observed when comparing a genuine watch to the replica. The luminescence is robust, and for optimal performance matching that of genuine watches, it is recommended to ensure sufficient exposure to sunlight during the day to recharge the lume on your replica.

The replica watch comes equipped with a clone 3120 automatic movement, recognized as the finest within our market. The APS factory has undertaken two significant improvements to enhance the performance of this movement. Notably, this movement is also employed in the ZF or APS 15400 models, demonstrating exceptional accuracy and stability. There have been no reported complaints regarding the quality of the movement in APS 15400, further attesting to its reliability and precision.

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