V6 Factory Replica Cartier Santos XL 40mm Black Watch with Miyota 9015 Movement

Introducing the Cartier Santos watch, I’m excited to share some noteworthy news. The Noob factory has recently released their V4 Daytona, marking a significant improvement in the subdials. The circles on each subdial are now thicker, closely resembling the genuine model. While I’ve typically focused on selling Ballon Bleu and Panthère models, particularly to female clients, the square Santos is undeniably appealing. Among all Cartier watches, the Santos stands out as a top choice for men. In the market, various watch factories produce high-quality replicas of Cartier Santos, such as BV, V6, GF, RXF, and more. However, for those seeking the best quality and reliable after-sale service, I highly recommend considering the V6 Cartier Santos.

I’d like to present a black Cartier Santos replica watch today, boasting a sleek and high-quality design. While this particular Santos model is undoubtedly stylish, it may not be the optimal or initial choice for buyers. Numerous stainless steel Santos replica watches exude a more classic aesthetic, making them better suited for everyday wear. If you’re looking to enhance your watch collection, particularly if you already have a variety of pieces, this black Santos could be a worthy addition to your shopping list.

Crafted from 316L stainless steel, the case undergoes DLC processing, featuring a finely brushed surface adorned with a uniform black DLC coating. The case is skillfully contoured, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer’s hand. Additionally, when viewed from the side, the crystal embedded within the case is also black, showcasing multiple intricately cut faces that enhance its overall luxurious appearance.


The black dial is adorned with white Roman hour markers, ensuring excellent readability through the effective contrast of black and white colors. This visibility is further enhanced by the luminous coating applied to the hour and minute hands. Positioned at 6 o’clock, a small square date window provides easy readability, thanks to its white font against a black background.

Regarding the leather strap, the V6 factory employs premium calf leather, featuring embossed crocodile prints that impart a sense of quality and luxury to the entire band. Notably, the strap is designed for easy removal, facilitated by a quick end links change system, mirroring the convenience found in genuine models. Furthermore, for those desiring a meticulously crafted alligator leather band, the factory offers the option of a high-quality handmade alternative.


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